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Seeking Spirit Summer!


Over the summer, which is often viewed as a “time off” of a time to “relax” we are trusting God to raise up 21 or more people who will step up and be a part of our SSS Team!

Can you imagine the impact on our church and community as 21 or more people commit to 13 weeks of prayer and fasting!

We can move heaven!

We are living in unprecedented times, which call for the people of God, in our case the Bellefontaine First Family, to commit ourselves to prayer, fasting and meditation. We can move heaven!

Over the summer months, June 6 – August 29, we are asking 21 or more people to join with us in 13 weeks of unified prayer, fasting, and time in the Book of Acts! We are inviting you to join us in the following ways!

  1. Pre-service Prayer – 9:45 – 10:05 AM – 20 minutes each Sunday AM Pre-Service Prayer
  2. Fasting one meal each week
  3. 10 minutes of focused prayer each day for BFF!
  4. Read one chapter of the book of Acts each Day –

If 21 or more people join together in this unified effort, we would have over 30 hours of prayer each week, 21 meals fasted each week, and we will have read through the book of Acts 63 times!

We can move heaven!

As we pray we are asking you to pray for these four things each day!

  • Encounters with God – “Lord Jesus, may those attending our services have a personal intimate encounter with God!
  • Connections with Others – Lord Jesus may our connections / relationships with others be deep and encouraging as we serve God together!
  • Growing Relationships with God – Lord Jesus may those of all ages grow in their devotion and relationship with God!
  • Engagements with Community – Lord Jesus, please allow our outreaches and community touches to increase and be fruitful in displaying your love!

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