Upcoming Sermons

Room in the House for All Generations

Room to reach, connect, and incorporate people of all generations to one another and into the family of faith

Ps 145:4  “One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts. NKJV

1 – 3     Room to Meet with God –  Where the family of faith and guests consistently experience the presence of God and are able to hear the marching orders of Holy Spirit

1 – 10     Room to Connect with Others – Where the separated and detached are made to feel a part of the family of faith.

1 – 17     Room to Grow Together in Our Walk with God – Believers mature and grow in their knowledge and ability to complete Christ’s work in their lives, the church, and world.

1 – 24     Room to Engage with Our Community – Attracting, engaging, and reaching out to the unbelieving and unchurched with the love of Christ and the Good News of the Gospel.

1 – 31 –   Room in the House for ALL Generations

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