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Beginning July 23rd we will be investigating the subject of “Overbooked”. Are You Stretched to Your Limit?

I grew up in a home where our parents valued school and encouraged us to study and get good grades. I grew up in a home where our parents enjoyed seeing us; my siblings and I, get involved in extracurricular activities. Whether it was baseball, track, cross-country, tennis, choir, drama; our parents encouraged us and supported us each step of the way, They dropped us off at practices, attended games and performances, and cheered us on! I grew up in a home where our parents encouraged us in the things of God. Church was not optional and mom and dad led by example. They did not send us to church. I went together as a family.

As an adult I still enjoy a good game of softball or a round of golf. As an adult I enjoy a concert, like to sing, and occasionally pick up my guitar or sit down at the key board. As an adult, the hub of my life is my relationship with Christ. This, in a large part, is due to a mom and dad that had their priorities in the right order. They loved God, they loved each other, and they loved their life. They were able to balance life and allow us to enjoy a diversity to activities and interests.

We live in a day and time when our lives are often overbooked; we juggle busy schedules with work, family, God, and church. In this series we will walk through the importance of relying on God to supply our needs and give us purpose. We will look at:

  • 7.23.17      Are You Too Busy?
  • 7.30.17      Release Your Worry!
  • 8.13.17      Greed / Priorities!
  • 8.20.17     Be Dependent

If you are feeling “Overbooked” and stretched to your limit, this sermon series might be perfect for you!



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