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BFF Missions Weekend! October 20 and 21!!

Saturday October 21st – Missions Brunch 10:00-12:00 

Special Guests:   Kevin Eckhart & Jay Siedler


Kevin and Amie Eckhart   –   Kevin Eckhart gave his life to the order in 1997 and joined a local church.  Shortly after, the direction of his life would change when the Lord called him into full-time ministry.  Over the next 10 years, Kevin faithfully served the local church in variety of capacities until 2012 when the Lord told Kevin and his family to leave everything and pursue their call to missions.  Kevin serves as Missionary Associate with Assembly of God U.S. Missions.  He is passionate about seeing the world impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Jay Siedler— Jay and Ashley Seidler are currently the Assistant Directors of Dayton Chi Alpha. Jay and Ashley graduated from Wright State University with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and a B.A. in Modern Languages, respectively. They worked bi-vocationally in the marketplace while serving in the local churches for several years before taking the plunge as full time missionaries in 2015. Jay and Ashley have 3 children, Jude, Hank, and Ari.


Sunday October 21st @ 10:35 AM

Special Guests:     Sarah Mourer & Kyle McAllister

Sarah Mourer  –   For many people, college is the springboard to propel them into what will be path of their future. Sarah thought that she found her freedom and identity as a lesbian in college. She followed that path for ten years as she earned her B.S. in General Science and M.A. in Secondary Education, Chemistry. Jesus laid a massive fork in her path and called her to choose between Him and her current trajectory. Sarah chose Jesus and He immediately delivered her from same-sex attraction and laid a call on her heart to begin a new path toward foreign missions. She is six years into this new journey with Jesus and it has been more fulfilling than she could have imagined. While people may see some unbelievers who seem to be “hard cases” or “too difficult to save without a miracle”, Sarah likes to remind them that God is still in the miracle business. Sarah’s testimony was featured in the Pentecostal Evangel in April, 2015 (


Kyle McAllister   –  We came to faith in college! Everything we know about having a relationship with Jesus we learned through our time in Chi Alpha. We know that what God has done in us He wants to do through us. Which is why we love serving in XA! We graduated from Wright State University. Kyle with a BA in Organizational Leadership Brittany with a BA in Mass Communication: Public Relations. We are now both credentialed ministers and work together in all aspects of the ministry.





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